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DePaul welcomes Alex Seropian, Ed Keenan and Bill Muehl to our faculty

Alex Seropian discusses game development education and his objectives as Game Designer in Residence

Alex Seropian, creator of the enormously successful Halo computer game franchise, will become DePaul University’s second Game Designer in Residence this spring. He will join computer game industry executives Ed Keenan and Bill Muehl as new additions to the game development faculty of DePaul’s College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) expanding an already impressive roster of industry professionals working in the program.

Seropian, founder of Bungie Software and creator of the Halo, Marathon, Myth and Oni franchises, currently serves as president of Wideload Games in Chicago. Halo is the best-selling and foremost franchise title for the Xbox, having shipped over 10 million copies. Seropian has been an active member of DePaul’s Game Industry Advisory Board since 2006. Eugene Jarvis, who has served for the past year as DePaul’s Game Designer in Residence, will now take on a permanent role in the game development program. Jarvis, who was instrumental in the development of some of the most iconic titles in computer games – including Defender, Robotron, Cruis’n and The Fast and the Furious – is president of Raw Thrills Inc., a major producer of arcade games.

Ed Keenan is a former Executive Technology Director at Midway Games, with 16 years experience in the game industry. At Midway, Ed created and led several technology groups ranging from Graphics, Tools, and Systems to a companywide Advanced Technology Group. The groups focused on systems and tools development for cross platform game engines. Ed has extensively designed and refactored many critical game systems such as Audio, Physics, Graphics, Operating Systems, Animations, Cinematics, UI and content creation tools. Ed has contributed to over 30+ different titles shipped during his tenure at Midway, most notably WarGods, Hyperdrive, the Mortal Kombat Series, NFL Blitz, NBA Ballers, Psi-Ops, Stranglehold, TNA iMPACT and Wheelman. He’s initiated and started outsourcing development in China and in Eastern Europe. Ed has been invited to gives talks on all types of software related issues to conventions and universities, including Notre Dame, University of Illinois, Purdue, University of Wisconsin, and DigiPen. Keenan has been a member on advisory boards and committees for 3Dfx, Renderware, Havok, Audiokinetics, Sony, and Microsoft. Prior to Midway, Ed worked at Zenith Electronics on HDTV, and Argonne National Laboratory. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and an MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois, Chicago, where he specialized in applied mathematical systems such as digital signal / image processing, control theory, and computer graphics.

As a member of DePaul’s Game Development full-time faculty, Ed’s main focus will be on advanced courses in game and computer graphics programming.

Bill Muehl has over twelve years of experience in interactive software production, including six in the video game industry. He was most recently Senior Producer at Midway Games in Chicago, where he drove the production of new game pitches and prototypes and facilitated the development of globally-shared technology, art and design initiatives across six studios and eight development teams. He was also the Development Director for the central animation, cinema, audio, character, environment, concept, and user interface departments for Midway titles including John Woo Presents: Stranglehold, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and NBA Ballers.

Prior to joining Midway, he was a Producer at High Voltage Software, developing titles for Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network, and an Online Analyst at Sony Computer Entertainment America. In 2007, Bill co-authored the book Game Simulation Development, a comprehensive resource that explores the impact of game simulations on the worlds of business, education, and training. He received a BA in English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In 2008 Bill consulted on the curriculum design of DePaul’s Game Production and Design concentration, and created courses in Game Production and Game Business. In his new position as a full-time member of DePaul’s Game Development faculty, he will supervise the Production and Design curriculum and work to increase DePaul’s connections with the game development industry.

“We are delighted to have three of the most prominent figures in the industry become part of our rapidly growing game development program,” said CDM Dean David Miller. “Alex, Ed and Bill each bring incredible track records of success that will serve our students well.”

DePaul CDM is one of the most innovative and wide-ranging information technology and digital cinema schools in the country. The undergraduate programs enroll more than 1,000 full-time students and offer 14 different degrees. More than 1,950 students are enrolled in its 18 graduate programs. CDM also offers a doctoral degree program in computer science. For more information on CDM, visit .

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